Lalitpur Metropolitan City inside Kathmandu Valley is a religious, cultural, and historical city. After the promulgation of the present constitution. Nepal's first and oldest municipality, Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality has water wards.

Statistical details of Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality

  • Area: 36.12 sq km
  • Number of households: 70,256
  • Population: 2,84,
  • Male: 1,50,702
  • Female: 1,49,141
  • (Source 205)

Introduction of Lalitpur Mahanagar Ward 28:

Ward 28 is located about 8 kilometers away from Lalitpur Metropolitan City. It's a small area with a population of around 10,778 people. Among them, there are 5,446 men and 5,332 women. This ward consists of 1,667 households and covers an area of 1.81 square kilometers.

In Ward 28, you can find 4 wells, 4 gates, 9 patipauwas (open spaces for gatherings), 4 stone streams, and 4 ponds. People in this ward celebrate various festivals, and they particularly worship the Harisidhi Bhawani temple during these occasions. Yomari Purnima and Phagu Purnima are special days when lively lakhe dances are performed all day long.

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Ward Chairman
Birendra Maharjan
Office of Ward 28, Harisiddhi
Lalitpur, Nepal

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