Essential Documents Required for Obtaining Construction Completion Certificate

  1. Photocopy of map pass - 1 copy
  2. Photocopy of passport part - 1 copy
  3. Designer's recommendation letter - 1 copy
  4. Designer's permission letter - 1 copy
  5. Construction Completion Certificate - 2 copies
  6. Photocopy of Freight Receipt - 1 copy
  7. Photograph of house - 2 copies
  8. Personal Photo - 2 copies (with map and land owner)

Documents required to obtain Permanent Map Pass Certificate and Building Design Recommendation Certificate

  1. Photocopy of Land Ownership Certificate - 1 copy
  2. Duty copy of provisional permission letter - 1 copy
  3. Duty of Provisional Map Pass - 1 copy
  4. Structural Map / Copy of Design Pass - 1 copy
  5. Recommendation report made as per designer's standards - 1 copy
  6. Designer's recommendation report for construction as per Building Code-2060 - 1 copy
  7. Designer's permission letter - 1 copy

Required documents to prove source of income

  1. Copy of house rent agreement letter in case of house rent income|
  2. To prove income from business and agricultural business, this N.P. There should be mandatory registration and income audit report will be uploaded Therefore, this N.P. A copy of the business registration certificate and a copy of the audit report should be submitted with the application
  3. The copy and copy of the letter of the relevant agency for the income received from salary, pension, as well as L.P.M.N.P.A. If the salary for working in union organizations operating within the region is required to be verified, the said organization/business shall submit this N.P. Proof of mandatory registration must be submitted to the office and this no. If proof of salary outside the area is required, proof of registration/renewal and tax payment must be submitted to the concerned N.P./G.V.S./Inland Revenue Department.
  4. For the income source of the vehicle, a copy of the tax payment certificate and a copy of the audit report should be submitted to the Transport Management Office.
  5. Copy and full copy of bank certificate for interest on National Promissory Note/Term Account |
  6. If it is necessary to prove the source of income from abroad, it is mandatory to submit a letter of recommendation certified by the Nepali embassy in the respective country or the embassy of that country in Nepal.

Documents to be attached if income statement is to be prepared in English

  1. Copy of income to be verified,
  2. Copy of citizenship certificate and copy of proof of relationship,
  3. Copy of house/land tax payment certificate in case of house/land in this district,
  4. In the case of students, a copy of the I-20/Confirmation Letter and a full copy must be submitted
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